What I’m Up Against

As I’m sure you know by now, I am a supervillain (I embrace the term) and my archenemy is a small, insignificant group of corrosion nerds known as NACE International. Well, there are almost 40,000 of them, and I guess they’re not ALL nerds, but I have it on good authority that at least 14% of them own a pocket protector.

I’ve got to hand it to them, NACE members have come up with some fairly decent techniques to slow me down. They’ve developed standards about how to prevent corrosion, educated thousands of workers, and written books about the various ways to prevent corrosion. A worthy foe. They keep me on my toes!

NACE is also getting involved in the hoopla up in Washington, D.C. They’re working with members of Congress who are on the Congressional Caucus on Corrosion Prevention. Talk about a ten-dollar word! NACE members even fly in to D.C. once a year to meet with their representatives and talk about ways to stop corrosion… to stop me!

Just so you know – I’m SO not worried about little things like “legislative agendas” or “grassroots efforts.” As if! No, I’m just keeping an eye on things.

So that’s what I’m up against. I do love a challenge!

Corrosively yours,

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