Mission: Infiltration

It’s come to my attention over the past few months that a particular institution is planning a certain… event… with the sole purpose of destroying me and my life’s work! That event is known as CORROSION 2017, and it is a blatant show of aggression against yours truly. They must be truly threatened by my powers and desperate to think of new ways to stop me!

It’s taking place in Louisiana, which happens to be a place where I do some of my finest work—lots of bridges to corrode!

So it’s with that in mind that I’ve decided to INFILTRATE this so-called conference. I share this with you, dear reader, in confidence, knowing that anyone who follows me is a true believer in the power of corrosion. I’ll snoop on the “innovations” they’re working on as meager attempts to cover up my unstoppable powers of decay and destruction. I’ll bug the forums and symposia to monitor whether I have anything to worry about in the face of corrosion research and standards…  which I highly doubt. And I’ll be visiting the expo hall—they always have some pretty cool swag to give away at the booths.

You know what they say—keep your minions close, keep your nemeses closer!

Acidly yours,


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