Goodbye for now!

It’s been a wild ride, minions and fellow corrosion lovers. I had a blast crashing the CORROSION conference back in March, where I was swarmed by hordes of adoring fans, aspiring minions, and a few haters. It was a great chance to bring some attention to my raison d’etre: Corrode The World!

That said, I’ve decided it’s time to hang up the ol’ lab coat and safety goggles. As a supervillain, I’m just not made for this level of fame. It’s time to go back underground and get back to my true mission of destroying your precious infrastructure. Fewer public appearances and paparazzi photo shoots, more quality time for corrosion.

If you miss me, just check out your nearest highway overpass, fire hydrant, or water treatment plant. I’ll always be lurking…

Subterraneously yours,


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