Who is Rusty Von Rust?

My name is Dr. Rusty Von Rust. And I love corrosion!

What’s not to love? It’s a beautiful, natural process. Just beautiful. All it takes is metal, oxygen, and a little time. With the power of corrosion I can take down whole cities.

There are people out there who think they can stop me. It’s pathetic. Coatings? Please. Cathodic Protection? Don’t even bother. Anodes? I eat them for breakfast.

But I have a secret: I never sleep. So it’s all corrosion, all the time— everything from rusty spoons to your precious bridges, pipelines, ships, whatever. You build it, I’ll rust it. Don’t even bother trying to stop me.

I’m hard at work in my lab researching new ways to develop my abilities. I’m harnessing volcanic gases, stockpiling salt, and growing the bacteria I need to get in the tiniest spaces, to maximize my powers of destruction and decay.

My mission: Corrode the world. Will you join me?

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