A setback!

Hello, dear fans and followers. It’s with a disappointed heart that I welcomed the new year, as I’ve recently undergone a bit of a setback.

Last month, the U.S. Congress passed a bill– the Water Resources Development Act. I admit, this news flew under my radar a bit since I was busy shopping for holiday gifts for my various minions, and baking cookies for my lab assistants.

Little did I know that the dreaded Corrosion Prevention Caucus was at it again– undermining my efforts to corrode the world with a little thing called 33 USC 2350. It’s now written into law that corrosion prevention activities are incorporated into projects under the WRDA. Well, drat! This just makes it harder for me to destroy and deteriorate things like dams, piers, ports, and levees– which have been easy pickings and some of my favorite things to corrode.


It’s back to my lab now… time to concoct some new ways to #corrodetheworld.

Dreadfully yours,


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