A Rusty Update

A few words on what’s been keeping me busy lately.

  • The Davis Enterprise: “The infrastructure is aging in that particular part of the street; the water main is about 55 years old and enduring some corrosion,” Public Works Director Bob Clarke told The Enterprise on Tuesday.” 

For anyone keeping score, that’s the third consecutive night in which a water main had broken in the picturesque town of Davis, CA. Read: I’m winning!

  • WRDW: State agencies … pre-treat the roads using salt and brine to prevent roadways from freezing. You might think that’s good to limit the hazards of winter driving, however the salt can cause major damage to your vehicle including but not limited to rust and corrosion.

I usually leave well enough alone in the Sunbelt, but this recent batch of winter storms is creating perfect conditions to corrode some cars. Now it’s MY time to shine!

  • WABC: According to management at the Ocean Bay Apartments in Far Rockaway, corroded lines knocked out the power in this 9-story high-rise. This brought down the heat and water controls for the entire 28-building complex, which has 1,400 residential units.

Just another example of the power of corrosion when infrastructure isn’t maintained. Sorry– it’s just what I do!

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Maniacally yours,
Dr. Rusty Von Rust


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